Arrived Safely To Our Island In The Sun!


After a 30 min cab ride + 1.5 hour flight + 1.5 hour bus ride + 1.5 hour wait + 2 hour ferry + 10 min tuktuk ride, we finally arrived safe and tired to our cozy beach hut in Koh Phangan, Thailand!

We’re looking forward to a good night’s rest followed by the infamous Full Moon Party tomorrow on the beach (along with 10,000-50,000 other partygoers) 🙂 … and then some much needed R&R …

Amanda & Adam

4 thoughts on “Arrived Safely To Our Island In The Sun!

    • Hi Shaguftha 🙂
      We were really happy we got to meet up with Justin and the boys – it was nice to see some familiar faces!
      In Thailand, ‘ladyboys’ are actually very common and widely accepted – these are people who are born as males but either dress like females or actually have operations and hormone treatments to change their sex from male to female.

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