Culinary Arts & Crafts


Yesterday, we began our day with a morning cooking class to try our hand at some traditional Thai dishes.  It started with a quick tour of the local market to learn more about our ingredients.  Then we decided as a group on which meals we wanted to prepare and settled on a stir-fry, soup, and curry dish.  It made for a fun and tasty morning!

Next, we set out to find the Elephant Parade House which is an exhibition of various sizes and designs of painted elephants.  These beautiful works of art are auctioned off all around the world and all proceeds go to the Asian Elephant Foundation which helps protect the elephant populations throughout Asia.  They also offer a fun elephant-painting workshop that allows visitors (like us) to purchase a ceramic elephant to create our own hand-painted souvenir – they even provided us with our own work stations, aprons, and free tea, coffee, water and snacks! 🙂

Asia Scenic Cooking Class

Elephant Parade House

Amanda & Adam

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