Goodbye Laos, Hello Thailand!


We arrived safely in Chiang Mai, Thailand yesterday but before we did, we tried to soak up as much of Laos as we could!  We enjoyed a delicious night food market buffet, explored Wat Xieng Thong, visited Big Brother Mouse to purchase and donate books to local Lao children, climbed Mount Phousi to take in a view of Luang Prabang from the top,  made ourselves a Lao-Style BBQ dinner, perused the night market one final time, woke up bright and early to observe the Tak Bat one last time (especially since Luang Prabang was celebrating the Boun Khao Padabdin (Rice Growing Festival) and Boat Racing Festival), went down to the Nam Khan River to watch the boat races, and then finally packed our bags and headed to the airport to catch our flight!

Today was a rainy day in Chiang Mai so we first visited The Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders, spent the rest of the afternoon at the Kad Suan Kaew Mall soaking up the fluorescent rays, then finished off our relaxing day with a good ole fashioned hollywood flick at the cinema!

Amanda & Adam

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Laos, Hello Thailand!

  1. Laos was truly great pick to visit. Never a dull moment with you two! Glad you have made it to Thailand safely. Look forward to more exciting adventures! Be Safe!

    Love M+D

    • Agreed – we are so lucky we had the opportunity to explore Laos – it set the bar awfully high! Chiang Mai has so much to offer so we’re looking forward to some new and different adventures 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a great time in Laos! Lots of great memories. Awesome panorama photo btw. Have a great time in Thailand!

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