A Boat Ride Back Into The Flooded Luang Prabang


Yesterday, we spent the day on the river in a slow boat (known to us as those scary-looking wooden boats) for a long and relaxing ride from Nong Khiaw back to Luang Prabang.  On the way we soaked up some more beautiful scenery, stopped at Pak Ou Cave and had lunch at a restaurant at the entrance of the Mekong River before arriving to Luang Prabang where dark clouds were looming overhead….

We strapped on our backpacks and headed toward our guesthouse expecting to arrive dry within about 15 mins…. but instead, we got caught in a good ole monsoon rain storm with all of our belongings riding on our backs!  It made for quite the adventurous trek back to our guesthouse!

Amanda & Adam

4 thoughts on “A Boat Ride Back Into The Flooded Luang Prabang

    • In Laos we’ve been told they have 2 seasons: a wet and a dry season. So I think this rainy weather should last approximately 6 months, however, despite the fact that when it rains it pours, these downpours have been fairly brief on otherwise quite warm and sunny days 🙂

  1. Wow! We are loving all the pictures! Seeing a wild elephant, amazing! Auntie Jamie was just asking about the wild life, and if you had run across many snakes (she hopes not) !

    • The elephant was amazing – I’ve never seen a group of tourists pull out their cameras so fast in my life! Luckily we have not seen many snakes in our travels yet – at least not wild snakes… Apparently poisonous snakes soaked in alcohol along with scorpions makes for good medicinal alcohol so we’ve seen a number of eery-looking jars on our peruses through the markets…

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