Rice Farming, Swimming, Cycling, Waterfalling Everywhere…


The last two days have been awesome!

On Tuesday, we went to the Living Land Farm which is a local farm that grows sticky rice.  We got to experience all 14 steps to planting, growing, and making good sticky rice – sooo much fun!  Then after a long (half) day on the farm, we stopped by the public swimming pool to cool off, then headed to an Ethnik Fashion Show/Hip Hop Show for dinner.

Yesterday, we rode our mountain bikes over 56km to Kuang Si Waterfall and back – up and down mountains! It was a pretty challenging ride (especially for two novice mountain bikers) but an amazing and satisfying accomplishment! Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a dip in a pool and a delicious dinner at L’Elephant Restaurant.

And today, we are taking a minivan/bus two hours North of Luang Prabang to visit the town of Nong Khiew 🙂

Just Another Day on the Farm… 

Post-Rice Experience

Kuang Si Falls

Amanda & Adam

6 thoughts on “Rice Farming, Swimming, Cycling, Waterfalling Everywhere…

  1. Thanks for the informative educational blog. You’ve got to know that the teacher in me is loving it!!!! A++
    Mom B

  2. Well, Adam and Amanda – We think your adventures have been wonderful – worthy of the George Pierrot show that Adam’s parents might remember. He was Detroit’s travel guru and hosted the best travelogues on television from around the world – long before you two were born. Well done!!

    • We’re flattered that you’ve put us in the same company as George Pierrot (we had to google him ;)) We feel so fortunate to be able to experience these wonderful adventures!

  3. Maybe you guys missed your calling??? I am thinking with the help of “Susan”‘ your next adventure could be ” Adam and Amanda’s Amazing Organic Farm” (possibly somewhere in southwestern Ontario??)

    Dad T

    • Hahah ya perhaps! It was pretty fun but also pretty hard work …. Also not sure how much it would cost to fly Susan home with us – she’s a sure asset to the success of our farm 😉

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