Adventure Touring in the Vang Vieng Rain


Yesterday it rained all day long in Vang Vieng so we spent the day pretty much going restaurant to restaurant scoping out the best views they had to offer.  Since yesterday was so low-key, we decided to go on an adventure tour today – we took a  large tuktuk loaded with kayaks 15km north of the city centre and kayaked to a village which houses a number of caves.  We trekked to the Elephant Cave, Low Cave, and the High Cave through lots of slippery mud and some serene rice fields.  After slipping and sliding through these 3 caves, we trekked over to the Water Cave which is best seen via innertube.  We had a delicious BBQ lunch at the Water Cave before hopping back in our kayaks and heading down river to the tubing area where we traded in our kayaks for some innertubes and tubed all the way back to Vang Vieng.  A full day of fun and adventure!

Night Out & Rainy Day Restaurant Tour

Trekking & Caving

Kayaking & Tubing

Amanda & Adam

2 thoughts on “Adventure Touring in the Vang Vieng Rain

  1. Hi Guys

    The caves look like a real adventure for sure! Just wondering who is taking the pics of both of you in some shots? Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Be Safe!
    Love Dad

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