Arrived in Vang Vieng!

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After breakfast this morning in Vientiane, we hopped on a VIP bus which took us down winding mountain roads to Vang Vieng.  We hiked through the town until we settled at Maylyn Guesthouse which turned out to be a small collection of bamboo cabins littered throughout a beautiful garden full of butterflies (and other bugs of course), with a beautiful view of the karst mountains – all for only about $3.50 each!  Oh aaaand there’s kittens and puppies everywhere – I think we have arrived in Paradise.  We plan on having a nice relaxing night to prep for the next couple days of adventuring in the mountains 🙂

Amanda & Adam

One thought on “Arrived in Vang Vieng!

  1. $3.50 per night!! With puppies and kittens! Amazing! And there’s restaurant TV nearby?! Looks like you guys are having an awesome time.

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