Arrived in Vientiane, Laos!


We had a relaxing day in Bangkok yesterday strolling through the park before we got on our sleeper train that would take us overnight to the Thailand-Laos border.  After quite a bit of waiting in lines of backpackers, we successfully made it through Thai-Lao immigration and arrived to our hostel via mini bus safe and sound!

Once we got cleaned up, we went for a nice stroll around Vientiane, had a delicious traditional Lao meal and mapped out the sights we want to reach in our next two days here.

Lumphini Park & Sleeper Train

First Day in Laos

Amanda & Adam

3 thoughts on “Arrived in Vientiane, Laos!

  1. Hi Guys!

    We are so thankful for this blog site. Glad you made it safely to Laos. You will be experts in international food fare for sure when you have completed your journey.

    Take Care
    Love M+D

  2. Hey Mom and Dad!

    We look forward to your blog comments! Exploring the food in these different countries may just be our favourite part of this trip 🙂

    Love you,
    Amanda & Adam

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