Adventures in Bangkok


Yesterday was our first full day in Bangkok so we spent the day exploring the city.  We hopped on the metro and then admired random but beautiful buildings, wandered around deceivingly large side street markets, took a river boat taxi up the river to Khao San Road where we strolled by busy patio restaurants with live music and backpackers galore.

Today we decided to try and get some more physiotherapy exposure since most of our friends are still hard at work on placement…  We weren’t very successful in the first hospital we tried but we did have some luck when we stumbled upon Healing Hands Physiotherapy Clinic where we met a friendly Italian physiotherapist who invited us in, served us coffee and water and taught us various physiotherapy techniques for 5 hours straight!! We’re hoping to run into some more awesome people like him in our upcoming journeys…

First Day in Bangkok

Healing Hands Physiotherapy/Second Day in Bangkok

Amanda & Adam


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Bangkok

  1. Woo… Looks like a fun first stop in Bangkok! Can’t believe you had such a thorough “tour” of the PT clinic. Have a great time in Laos!

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