University Tours…


We’ve had a double dose of university visits this week: On Monday, Dr. Nayeem gave us a tour of the quaint Jamia Hamdard University where he works as a professor, researcher and clinical practitioner.  And today, Dr. Shah gave us a tour (via motorbike!) of the massive Jamia Millia Islamia University where he also works as a professor, researcher and clinical practitioner.

Both universities had friendly faculties and strong reputations as top physiotherapy colleges in Delhi.  Each had innovative equipment and comprehensive treatment facilities.  We enjoyed sitting down with the staff and faculty at each school to discuss the similarities and differences between physiotherapy curriculum as well as the profession itself in Canada and India.  We may be on opposite sides of the world but we all study from the exact same text books!

Thanks again to Dr. Nayeem and Dr. Shah for taking time out of your busy days to provide us with the opportunity to learn more about your schools and physiotherapy practice in India!

Jamia Hamdard University

Jamia Millia Islamia University

Amanda & Adam

4 thoughts on “University Tours…

  1. Wow….. Everyday is a new adventure for you two. It is great that the staff have taken time to show you so much. Maybe you can explain what a “Biodex Isokinetic Dynanometer” is when you have some free time! Keep the pics coming!

    Love Mom and Dad T.

    • Ya everyone here has been sooo helpful and hospitable! Hahahah an isokinetic dynamometer is a device that allows you to measure strength by fixing certain variables – for example, when measuring isokinetic strength, this machine can make it so that the resistance you are working against is constant/unchanging throughout your entire range of motion. This is unique because it is not possible to provide the same amount of force resistance to someone manually. Basically it is a very expensive and fancy tool used for measuring muscle strength! It’s mostly used for research purposes. Not sure if that cleared things up or made it more confusing hahah

  2. Enjoying your journey vicariously and so happy that you have had so many wonderful experiences.
    Look forward to opening the e-mail with the anticipation of another message of your trip.

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