Surprise Visit to India Gate!


We set out to have a nice relaxing day to rest up and prepare ourselves for our Agra marathon tomorrow so we spent our afternoon break eating at China Garden followed by a brief cat nap.  However, after 8 straight days of work, our supervisor decided  to surprise us by allowing us to leave work early in order to visit India Gate at dusk!  And just as he promised, it looked very majestic in the evening with the spotlights on.  India Gate is the national monument of India, dedicated to the Indian soldiers who died in WWI and the Afghan Wars.  It is located in the centre of a large park full of spacious greenery.  We also took a little stroll to look at some of the Indian parliament buildings and admired their colourfully lit fountains.



Amanda & Adam

2 thoughts on “Surprise Visit to India Gate!

  1. We are so happy that you are getting these opportunities to see and experience as much as you can! Safe trip to to Agra!

    Love Mom and Dad T.

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