Citywalk Mall, Saket


Between shifts today we went to the Citywalk Mall in Saket.  This mall is huge, comprised of 3 different sections, and containing most of the stores that our malls at home would have.  It was nice to get a little dose of Western culture where the stores we browsed through had fixed/non-negotiable prices.

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Amanda & Adam

5 thoughts on “Citywalk Mall, Saket

  1. I can only imagine the interesting foods you are being introduced to. Love curry! Please bring home any recipes you can get your hands on for dishes you’ve tried and absolutely loved. When you are home and can visit Dunnville, I’d love to have you and Adam over for an East African Curry…. As I understand it, curry is like pasta in Italy, different depending on the area you visit.

    Have fun!

    Hugs, Penny

    • Mmmmmm we would LOVE to join you for an East African Curry dinner when we come home! We are loving all the curry dishes here – I really hope we can recreate some of them when we get home. Indian food is soooo delicious!!!

  2. We feel like we are watching a travelogue on high definition television when we click on to your blog. What an experience for you!

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