Beyond CR Park

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Today we managed to venture beyond CR Park and discovered just how pampered we have been living within our posh neighbourhood!  The streets get busier, louder, and more hectic as we walk to the end of the street our clinic is located on.  It seemed that the more we wandered deeper into the markets, the more chaotic the streets became.  We were slightly overwhelmed and hungry so we sought refuge at the first McDonalds we have spotted in India.  We got some good ole fashioned McChicken meals then hopped in a tuktuk to check out the Lotus Temple – a Bahai temple of worship whose architecture mimics the lotus flower, a symbol of peace and unity.  As soon as we passed through the gates to the temple grounds the noise and chaos of Delhi was hushed and the gardens around the temple were beautiful and peaceful.

Beyond CR Park


Lotus Temple


Amanda & Adam


One thought on “Beyond CR Park

  1. Love being a part of your adventure. Checking your blog daily, is a highlight in our day.
    Lots of love
    Mom & Dad B

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