Back from the dead!


Today we finally awoke from our delirium that has been the last couple days feeling like we had improved enough to head back to work at the clinic.  We were flattered (and entertained) by our honourable mention in the clinic’s advertisement for this Sunday’s medical camp.

At lunch, we were excited (although apprehensive) to finally sit down to a real Indian meal at one of Market No. 4’s more upscale Indian restaurants, the Mini Mughal.  The food was delicious!  Hopefully as our health continues to improve, we can begin to explore more tasty (but safe!) Indian dishes!

Amanda & Adam

4 thoughts on “Back from the dead!

  1. Hi Adam & Amanda- SOOO glad you are back feeling better and what a nice
    sign “a couple of experts from Western University Canada”. Looking at the
    outside of the Mini Muga, I like the electrical wiring. Just duck when you enter LOL.
    I think one thing I would miss would be “mashed potatoes & roast beef sandwich”
    smothered in gravy. Thanks for the pictures have a good day when you read this.
    Blessings – we love you guys Grandma & Papa “T”

  2. Hey Grandma and Papa!
    Ya, the Mini Mughal doesn’t look too pleasing from the outside but the inside was really nice and the service and food was excellent! A bit of a hidden gem I suppose..
    But, I’m with you on that one – I am definitely missing the mashed potatoes and roast beef sandwiches over here! Mostly just the comfort of knowing what I’m eating and feeling confident that it won’t knock me out for a few days!
    I’m glad you two had a ‘blast’ with Moe and Dee – happy to hear all is well back in the homeland.
    Talk to you soon,
    Love you,

  3. Guys I tried calling you on that number several times.but it was not accessible.Hope you are feeling well now. Get Bisleri water cans (ask nayeem or Adil ) for drinking water, there is a facility available in Delhi where Bisleri water cans are dropped at Homes. And don’t eat street food during rainy season.
    will talk soon

  4. i received a call from ur number.i was on another call.then i tried calling back.plz lift the call if it shows 3 or 4 numbers.

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