We made it!!!!… to Chicago


After 3 hours in the car, 6 hours on the MegaBus, and 1 hour on the Chicago subway, we finally made it to our hotel!  But it was all worth it since we get to spend the whole day enjoying Chicago tomorrow, with a country concert at Wrigley Field to top it off!

We’ll be flying out to New Delhi, India on Sunday afternoon, scheduled to touch down late afternoon (Delhi time) on Monday and then the real adventure begins….

Amanda & Adam

5 thoughts on “We made it!!!!… to Chicago

  1. Glad you made it!!!! Have fun in Chicago. It’s a great city, especially around the “magnificent mile”.
    Thanks for the update.
    Mom an Dad

  2. Glad to see you arrived safely. Enjoy your day in the Windy City, and your concert too.

    Have a great flight tomorrow.

  3. Glad you made it safely. We will be thinking of you tomorrow. Wish you a safe flight and arrival in India!

    Love Mom and Dad T.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful trip and it’s great that you have eachother for support.

    Aunt Jean and Uncle Bill

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